Versailles +Date night in Paris. 

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I LOVE the travel channel, and I love Anthony Bourdain. I have always wanted to eat at this certain restaurant he recommended on his “Layover” episode in Paris. After we went to Versailles (pictures below), Casey and I ubered across the city hoping we could get in without a reservation. The restaurant is called “Le Bartain” and is very modest to look at from the outside.

 Inside, you will find the most incredible people. The owner, running around stressed out about his small place fitting all of the reservations. The one chef making everything fresh, and with such a great intensity. The decoration was subtle, with one big chalk board carried around as the menu, each table ordering one after then other when the menu was out by their table. 

So we begged him to let us in without a reservation, he looked us up and down. Went back to his book, stressed for a few seconds, and then said “okay, we will try this for a little bit.” We were thrilled!! The meal was amazing, the atmosphere was perfect for a date night. It is now forever in my memory as our favorite date we have ever been on together.  



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