Paris day 1 + 2 Airbnb

We got to Paris the next day around noon, and we walked from the metro to our AirBnB (which was exhausting!) I would definitely recommend a uber during the summer heat in the city for any long walks you are planning on taking. The AirBnB is amazing!! We absolutely love how cozy it is here. We were very impressed with how close it was to all the sights, and the space we have considering it is Europe! (Which rooms are usually smaller). Our host left us fresh bread & coffee & a sweet note. I really loved feeling like I was at home, in another country! So amazing!

Airbnb <<link here!
First thing was first, we had to go see the Eiffel Tower. We dropped our bags, freshened up, and the four of us headed to see the sights! We spent the first two days in Paris, walking around, eating at cafes, and seeing history from the streets!


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