Vineyard lovin’

A couple days ago my hubby shot a few fall looks for me at Arrington Vineyards, it’s about thirty minutes outside of Nashville! We had the best evening shooting & then grabbed Thai takeout, and headed home!

My look is from my sweet friend Ginny’s store Vinnie Louise you can order most of it online or if you live in Nashville drop in her store!



Hello everyone! Lately I have been so so busy at home in Nashville! I have been working on some exciting fall collaborations that I cannot wait to show you guys in a few weeks.

This past weekend we went to Birmingham to see my sister for her birthday, and then we brunched at our favorite place in Nashville–Butchertown hall, when we got home Sunday! This week has been full of emails, and relaxing with the hubs.
I am ecstatic to be at home, in my own bed every night after such a long summer of travel. The next trip I have planned is NYFW! I am going with too of my favorite people ever! We all met via Instagram, and have been friends for years. We will all officially meet in the city in just two short weeks! *am I DREAMING*!
Anyway, I cannot wait to keep you guys updated in the weeks to come! Here’s some shots from this past week!


Versailles +Date night in Paris. 

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I LOVE the travel channel, and I love Anthony Bourdain. I have always wanted to eat at this certain restaurant he recommended on his “Layover” episode in Paris. After we went to Versailles (pictures below), Casey and I ubered across the city hoping we could get in without a reservation. The restaurant is called “Le Bartain” and is very modest to look at from the outside.

 Inside, you will find the most incredible people. The owner, running around stressed out about his small place fitting all of the reservations. The one chef making everything fresh, and with such a great intensity. The decoration was subtle, with one big chalk board carried around as the menu, each table ordering one after then other when the menu was out by their table. 

So we begged him to let us in without a reservation, he looked us up and down. Went back to his book, stressed for a few seconds, and then said “okay, we will try this for a little bit.” We were thrilled!! The meal was amazing, the atmosphere was perfect for a date night. It is now forever in my memory as our favorite date we have ever been on together.  



Paris day 3 + 4

After we had gotten accustomed to the city, we went to the Lourve! I love art so this was such a treat for me! We stayed in the Lourve for 7 hours. Yes, we are all history was perfect. We ate at Angelina’s to get our day started, though. You know, the famous restaurant where Audrey sat at drank hot cocoa from the gold rimmed mug? It was amazing to say the least!  The rest of the time we walked, ate, walked some more…it was magical. 


Paris day 1 + 2 Airbnb

We got to Paris the next day around noon, and we walked from the metro to our AirBnB (which was exhausting!) I would definitely recommend a uber during the summer heat in the city for any long walks you are planning on taking. The AirBnB is amazing!! We absolutely love how cozy it is here. We were very impressed with how close it was to all the sights, and the space we have considering it is Europe! (Which rooms are usually smaller). Our host left us fresh bread & coffee & a sweet note. I really loved feeling like I was at home, in another country! So amazing!

Airbnb <<link here!
First thing was first, we had to go see the Eiffel Tower. We dropped our bags, freshened up, and the four of us headed to see the sights! We spent the first two days in Paris, walking around, eating at cafes, and seeing history from the streets!


Last day in Norway.

I was SO sad to leave Norway! Everything about Norway is magical, it’s like a little slice of heaven. We spent our last day relaxing at our favorite cafe, hanging with our sweet new friends from church, and packing for Paris.  


Norway day 4+5

The time here has been so relaxing! We went on a boat ride (which is apparently the most Norwegian thing we could do!) Then we went to the MOST amazing ice cream shop, I mean the sprinkles were the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten! I’ll be dreaming of them soon for sure!  


Norway day 2 + 3

The next couple of days in Norway were spent relaxing at cafes, and church services at night. The Bakery’s here are amazing, and for food one day we went to the cutest Farm to Table restaurant called “The Famer.” I love how quiet it is here, you can actually be in the middle of the city, and feel a sense of peace. Norwegians are some of the kindest, most accommodating people I’ve ever been around in Europe! Here are a few snaps from the past few days!



Norway: day 1

First, let me say that we traveled our hearts out Sunday morning. We took off at seven AM, flew to ATL, then Amsterdam, and then finally Norway. I am so excited the guys are playing for Filadelfia church this week, they are the sweetest, most welcoming people ever. 

When we got in, we were so jet lagged, but also greeted with roses + and great company. We went back to the hotel, and crashed until about five o’clock. When I woke up, I was ready for COFFEE! Luckily, they had my favorite instant coffee in our room. I downed a cup of the amazing Norwegian liquid, and then Casey and I headed into the city to explore.

In this shot I’m wearing my Urban Renewal high waisted bell bottoms. I was nervous at first, since I’m such a skinny jean girl, but they are definitely my new favorites. I paired it with a pullover sweater, and a camel colored slip on from Aldo. (They no longer carry that shoe, unfortunately.)

We walked around for awhile, since our hotel is in the heart of the city. I saw this cute cafe, and had to snap a picture.