Norway: day 1

First, let me say that we traveled our hearts out Sunday morning. We took off at seven AM, flew to ATL, then Amsterdam, and then finally Norway. I am so excited the guys are playing for Filadelfia church this week, they are the sweetest, most welcoming people ever. 

When we got in, we were so jet lagged, but also greeted with roses + and great company. We went back to the hotel, and crashed until about five o’clock. When I woke up, I was ready for COFFEE! Luckily, they had my favorite instant coffee in our room. I downed a cup of the amazing Norwegian liquid, and then Casey and I headed into the city to explore.

In this shot I’m wearing my Urban Renewal high waisted bell bottoms. I was nervous at first, since I’m such a skinny jean girl, but they are definitely my new favorites. I paired it with a pullover sweater, and a camel colored slip on from Aldo. (They no longer carry that shoe, unfortunately.)

We walked around for awhile, since our hotel is in the heart of the city. I saw this cute cafe, and had to snap a picture. 


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