Golden hour

Lately everything has been so crazy, life has been hectic, to say the least! I’m so happy to sit down, blog, share things I love, and to decompress.

Casey is traveling a lot this month, actually he is in Canada at the moment. So with him being gone this week, I painted my house (pictures to come) my DREAM color! White! I plan to spend the rest of my week resting, and blogging as much as I can for you guys.

Here’s some snapshots from the other day in my sundress from Vinnie Louise and my Madewell arrow necklace! Also a photographed is my best friend Mandy Mooring, she takes all my pictures, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her! This was such a great day!

 Photography: Mandy Louise Mooring (insta: @mandylouisemooring)

Brandy Melville

I recently went into Brandy Melville while I was in LA, unsure if I would find anything. I’ve always put them in the “that may show a little TOO much for a married gal category.” Until, I actually went in, and tried on so many cute pieces! I love this back romper, it feels like one of their sundresses (my favorite!) 

I wore it with a BM striped tank top, but the romper truly looks great with almost any shirt combo! I definitely recommend going in, and trying out a few items!  


Madewell Necklace, Free People Bag, Brandy Melville outfit. 


The Madewell event was such a hit, we had fun dancing, handing out goodie bags, and listening to all the fun Spotify songs! Make sure you stop by your local Madewell store, and listen to the new playlist they are playing! Also, you can download it on your spotify account. 

I fell even more in love with the store, and company last night. The product is not only amazing, but they also have the sweetest staff! 

Here are some fun snapshots from last night!  


Reformer Playsuit

I think I’ve recently rekindled my love for FreePeople, I love anything that has a 20’s- 40’s feel. This Playsuit is light, and comfortable. I wore it all day, and didn’t want to part ways at the end of the night! Which is always how I know I love what I bought, considering I change at least twice a day sometimes!



Click here to purchase >>

Wish You Were Northwest.

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’m so excited to be back at it again! I have been SO busy with Tour, and traveling. It’s been great, I’ve met so many sweet people, and I’ve seen so many great cities!

The other day I walked into this cute store in East Nashville, called Sisters Of Nature. I love the way it is organized, they have different sections for every style. I picked up this cute T-shirt to roam around in on Saturday morning.

You can get it online at Sisters of Nature or at Wish You Were Northwest.



F21xme meets Valley City

I absolutely love the Clueless-Pastel-Mini skirt look, I mean…what 90’s girl doesn’t. I also like to incorporate Forever 21 for a more affordable look, along with something nicer.

Pastels are IN. IN. IN. So, I am wearing my amazing Valley City lavender mini skirt, with a baby pink coat from Urban Outfitters. My top, and necklace are Forever 21.





All Photos By Amber Ulmer